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More Wifi for the Devices in Your Connected Home

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San Francisco, CA

eero whole-home mesh wifi provides simple, secure wifi that just works wherever you are in your home. eero 6 systems use the power of Wi-Fi 6 to support faster speeds, increase your internet’s efficiency, and reduce network congestion. Say goodbye to dead spots and buffering with a connection that doesn’t slow you down, even as you add more devices.

Together with eero, we are delivering a world-class comprehensive mesh Wi-Fi 6 system to every Connected Home - wifi guaranteed with no dead spots.

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Guarantee is specific to Lennar Connected Home and Lennar homeowners. Wireless coverage measured by the wifi signal quality displayed on the eero app. In the event that a connected device in any internal room of the house or any attached patio space does not consistently receive at least 1 bar of eero network wifi signal (absent a cause outside of eero’s reasonable control) during the one year period starting with initial activation of the eero network by the homeowner, the homeowner can contact eero Customer Support so that eero can diagnose and help resolve the issue.

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