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Flo by Moen

The All-In-One Security System For Your Home Water

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Cleveland, Ohio

Flo specializes in creating industry-leading Smart Home Water Security Systems. Flo's technology monitors water usage in the home 24/7 and detects and prevents water leakage.

Together with Flo, we are using technology to automatically shut off water leakage in homes, detect moisture, changes in temperature, and changes in humidity, helping customers secure their homes and conserve water.

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Lennar reserves the right to substitute with device of equal or better quality. Lennar does not guarantee any equipment or services provided by Flo by Moen, including equipment/services relating to the detection of leaks. Leak detection services do not monitor fire sprinkler lines or lines connected thereto. The description of products is limited by the terms and conditions, limited warranty, and additional product information, available on http://www.moen.com/flo. Buyer is responsible for downloading any apps required to use devices, and configuring all security features. Lennar does not warrant or represent that any network or network device is secure or can prevent all privacy intrusions, malware, or cyber-attacks, even when correctly configured.

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