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Austin, TX

ICON is using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials to shift the paradigm of homebuilding on Earth and beyond. ICON’s technology produces resilient, energy-efficient homes faster than conventional construction methods with less waste and more design freedom – keeping construction projects on schedule and on budget. Designed and engineered from the ground up for volume 3D printing of homes with precision and speed, ICON’s Vulcan construction system can deliver homes and structures up to 3,000 square feet that are built to the International Building Code (IBC) structural code standard and expected to last as long or longer than standard Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) built homes. ICON’s proprietary wall system and advanced materials are stronger and longer-lasting than traditional building materials and provide safer, more resilient homes that are designed to withstand extreme weather, greatly reduce the impact of natural disasters, and be printed at high speeds and at scale.

Together with ICON, we are advancing homebuilding innovation with onsite 3D printing. Leveraging ICON’s technology offers a promising path toward delivering affordable, technology-driven homes that meet rising demand, address housing and labor shortages, and deepen our commitment to building with resource saving and energy efficient materials.

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Lennar does not guarantee any equipment or services provided by any third parties. Select features may require additional fees and is provided by a third party. Images and videos courtesy of ICON. The description of products is limited by the terms and conditions, limited warranty, and additional product information, available on http://iconbuild.com. Follow the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube (@ICON3DTech).

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