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Simple, Smart Home Security

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Santa Monica, CA

Ring is smart home security made simple. With its easy-to-use devices that go inside and out, customers can help protect their homes with confidence, all in the Ring App.

Together with Ring, the Connected Home provides everyday convenience and peace of mind. Our customers can see who’s at their front door from anywhere, monitor their security devices, and more, from their smartphone or tablet. With Ring, it’s easy to help protect what matters most at home.

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Lennar reserves the right to substitute with a device of equal or better quality. Lennar does not guarantee any equipment or services provided by Ring. The description of products is limited by the terms and conditions, privacy policy, limited warranty, and additional product information, available on https:// ring.com. Certain Ring features, and/or services, may require additional fees and/or subscriptions that may change and may be provided by Ring or a third party. Buyer is responsible for downloading any apps required to use devices, engaging an outside wifi service provider to provide internet connectivity to the home, monitor any alerts received on the Ring app, and configuring all security features. Lennar does not warrant or represent that any network or device is secure or can prevent all privacy intrusions, malware, or cyber-attacks, even when correctly configured.

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