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Vessel Technologies

Equal Opportunity for an Extraordinary Life

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New York, NY

Vessel is rebuilding the American Dream by introducing a new generation of homes that blend luxury, wellness, accessibility, sustainability, and attainable pricing. Vessel’s first product, the V1, is available in sizes ranging from 30 to 80 homes and can be prefabricated and installed on-site in a fraction of the time required for traditional construction. Residents enjoy a suite of cutting-edge amenities, including 9’ ceilings, perimeter cove lighting, expansive windows for natural light, and an integrated operating system that manages light and climate, air and surface cleanliness, entertainment, security, and maintenance needs.

Together with Vessel, we are laying the foundations for thriving communities by providing low-impact buildings that boost local tax revenues. Together we’re opening doors for communities eager to flourish, for hard-working residents that want a home they can afford, and for Vessel “Caretakers”, or on-site managers, who dream of a career as a housing provider.

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